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Pink Ray

Pink Ray worth another post

Stingrays prefer being near the ocean’s bottom while the Manta Ray explores open waters. Nonetheless, these two beautiful creatures have very similar meanings and symbolism.

The ocean is an environment that ceaselessly changes. It means Stingray has to adapt quickly. It is no wonder that Stingray Spirit has associations with acclimation and movement. Additionally, Stingray moves into deep waters where people rarely go; this represents our subconscious and inner workings. In order to move easily within our world, we have to honor our journey and abide by the Witches’ rule: “Know Thyself.”

Rays are actually Spirit Guardians who offer wisdom and strength. The native word for Manta means two breaths, inspired by watching these creatures fly out of the water and return with ease into mysteries that we have yet to uncover.

Some of the keywords and attributes associated with Stingray Spirit include acceptance, alertness, attunement, calibration, circumspection, dignity, discretion, emotions, forethought, movement, opportunity, protection, purification, refinement, self-trust, and water element.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

– Jacques Yves Cousteau

“I call upon Heros and his elementals to aid me in sending the powerful Pink Ray of Love to planet Earth to bring it into healing and balance.”

“I call upon Amora to encompass the Earth with the Ruby Flame of Love to help create a planet of love and light that diminishes fear and darkness. May the Ruby Flame saturate the core and expand to contain the Earth in a bubble of Love energy

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